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These are UKIMWASE women who have touched the lives of this family of the disabled. Despite their inferior status but have volunteered to contribute to these disabilities.

These women are determined to donate various items to the various families in different villages. On 2/4/2014 Henry Msuva, the coordinator for UKIMWASE arranged for the women to deliver assistance in a family of three albinos named Sara, Pili and Eliza in the village of IHUGI LYAMIDATI. UKIMWASE collected various items including maize, flour, sugar, mattresses, clothes, fish, soap, and many others.

The women were very excited for the joy that these albinos expressed. These women were surprised to see how the albinos feared to be touched. As one of the women hugged Pili with love, Pili said to her that this is something that shocked albinos. She also said that she hopes that one day they will be treated like other human beings.

While visiting this family, UKIMWASE met with other two families that were also in desperate needs. Albinos face many challenges in the villages. One family lost a two year child due to hunger. This family fed themselves what they believed to be edible, a root that looks like cassava. Unfortunately this was poison and it led to the little girl's death. Another woman was pregnant but had no prenatal care and had no food to eat.

UKIMWASE's is determined to seek help to construct housing and microfinance for the women so that they can be a source of independence to their families.


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