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Saving Elizabeth

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Elizabeth was five months pregnant. She went through difficulties and lost her pregnancy. Unfortunately, she did not go through proper cleaning and part of the pregnancy was still in her womb. Elizabeth suffered for four consecutive days and was about to die.

On 05-03-2014 UKIMWASE chairperson and the coordinator left for Lyamidati and were able to communicate with the village leader and coordinate the meeting with Elizabeth at Bugisi clinic for her treatment. Fortunately Elizabeth was able to make it to Bugisi.

Her condition was worsening and the doctor at Bugisi was contacted immediately. When Elizabeth was tested, the initial results showed that she had malaria. Elizabeth was complaining of dramatic pain in the stomach. The further examination determined that she had a miscarriage and when her pregnancy came out, the placenta remained inside. This was the fourth day of suffering after the pregnancy loss. The clinic doctor advised to refer Elizabeth to the regional hospital since the clinic did not have the equipment to treat her. By then she had lost a lot of blood. Elizabeth was put on a motorcycle and taken to the public transportation to Shinyanga Regional hospital.

Elizabeth arrived at the hospital at 10:00pm and was received well. UKIMWASE did not have the funds enough for the whole process. The chairperson and the coordinator took whatever they had out of their pockets and paid for the services and additional favors. Elizabeth was taken to the operating room at 1:00am for cleaning. The procedure went well and she continued to recover and was able to eat.

On 10-03-2014 Elizabeth was discharged from the hospital. She spent two days at the UKIMWASE chairperson’s residence, along with her auntie who spent time with her at the hospital. During the stay at UKIMWASE, Elizabeth explained of her ordeal.

Elizabeth said that she has a very difficult life in the village. She learned how to be a seamstress early in her life. However, she has failed to develop in any way due to the environment that she lives in. Elizabeth has trouble feeding herself and her children; how could she afford a seamstress machine? “I have four children. My firstborn ended only in third grade. I was not able to support her. So she stays home. I have had seven pregnancies so far and lost three from the stress of working too hard, not eating well, and sometimes not eating at all. We are not sure of what to eat every day, really a problem!”

When Elizabeth was asked of why she continues to get pregnant she said, “You know, we are not often valued by the society. When someone approaches us we feel so comforted and never think of the consequences later. Right now I am ready to do anything to help me and my family.”

On 12-03-2014 Elizabeth was transported back home. Elizabeth, together with the villagers are very grateful for the care that was given to her. Elizabeth is among the family of three sisters whose parents had died. They depend on their grandmother who has nothing to offer other than love for these girls. Sarah, Elizabeth’s sister, is also suffering from cancer. Pili, also Elizabeth’s sister, have a baby who developed rashes all over her body.

Sarah’s cancer treatment can be done at Agha Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam. Pili’s baby also required care for her rash treatment. Elizabeth needs to go back to the hospital on 04-14-2014 to get her tubes tied so that she cannot get any more pregnancy.

Albino Charity Organization’s effort was able to support UKIMWASE to coordinate for the four young adults to secondary schools on their first year 2014. In addition to support these young adults for the following three years of their education, we are seeking support to help Elizabeth’s family.

Elizabeth is one of the many that lack education on parental planning, birth control etc. This young woman already has four children. UKIMWASWE has been requested by the head of Elizabeth's village to prepare and deliver a presentation and seminar. This may later be expanded to other villages because of the need of education regarding parental planning.

Elizabeth is a very talented young woman. She is a highly skilled seamstress. We all would appreciate if it is possible to provide the resources necessary for Elizabeth to pursue a living. She needs a sewing machine.


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